Server Name Indication (SNI)

A dedicated IP is not required for installing an SSL certificate on your Cloud Hosting package since Server Name Indication (SNI) is supported on the servers.

What is Server Name Indication?

Server Name Indication (SNI) support allows you to host multiple SSL certificates for different domains on the same IP address. Users who are on shared servers that support SNI can install their own certificates without a dedicated IP address.

SNI indicates which hostname is being contacted by the browser at the beginning of the 'handshake' process. This allows a server to connect multiple SSL Certificates to one IP address.

I still require a dedicated IP for my hosting, how do I purchase it?

Please contact our Support Team at to have the dedicated IP added to your hosting plan.

How do I install a SSL Certificate on my Cloud Hosting package?

You will need to contact our Support Team at to get the certificate installed for you.