Suspending / Unsuspending a Domain Name

Order Suspension is a useful feature available to Resellers of Derahost. Typically, you may need to Suspend domain names in response to abuse complaints or when you haven't received payment towards domain name registration/renewal/transfer services, etc..


  • Suspending a domain name would result in disruption of all services associated with a domain name such web hosting, email hosting, etc..

  • Derahost does not support the Suspension / Unsuspension feature for domain names under the following TLDs (extensions), due to restrictions imposed by the Registry:

    • .CA

    • .DE

    • .EU

    • .NL

    • .UK

  • The Contact Details and Name Servers of such a domain name can not be modified while a domain name is Suspended.

  • A Transfer (Away) Request for this domain name to another Registrar will fail at the Registry itself and will not be allowed.

    However, when you Suspend a .AU domain name, it can still get Transferred since the .AU Registry prohibits blocking Transfers.

  • Domain name Renewal and Deletion would not be possible.

  • An Move/Push/Transfer of this domain name to another Customer Account would not be possible in this state.
  • A domain name Suspended by you, can only be Unsuspended by you or Derahost.

  • You will not be able to Unsuspend a domain name Suspended by Derahost.

  • A Customer can not Unsuspend a domain name under any circumstance.

To Suspend / Unsuspend a Domain Name

  1. Login to your Control Panel, search for the domain name you wish to Suspend/Unsuspend and proceed to the Order Details view. See details

  2. Here,

    • To Suspend the Domain Name:

      1. Click the Lock / Suspend link.


      2. Select the Suspend radio button, enter the reason for Suspension and click the Update button.


        The reason for Suspension would be visible to your immediate Sub-Reseller/Customer (depending upon whether the domain name belongs to your Sub-Reseller's Customer or your immediate Customer) in the Order Details view of the domain name, from within their Control Panel.

    • To Unsuspend the Domain Name:

      1. Click the Unsuspend Order button.


      2. select the No Restriction radio button and click the Update button.